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Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency that's been around since 2015. The coin has a great ecosystem and has seen immense growth from the time of its conception. In fact, the coin was sitting around near a few hundreds when 2021 started and stands tall above $4,000 per coin as of 21-10-2021.

When people explore cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is a name that always pops up right next to BTC. Ethereum has the eyes of traders laid upon it from all around the globe and are rooting for the coin to make new highs soon enough. This coin is a significant player in the crypto market and offers an ecosystem that interests several multinationals around the world include JP Morgan.

The coin was created by Buten Vitalik and has shown immense growth. According to the financial champions, the coin still has a lot of potentials to grow. When the overall crypto market cap grows, BTC is anticipating a sizeable chunk to be poured into its ecosystem.

Ethereum has potentially got a lot of competitors, but nothing could come close to its dominance so far. There's a reason why it has the second largest market cap and technology that makes it widely adaptable. ETH is also anticipating some technology changes in the near future, which will make the coin even better, and that promises some serious upside.

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If you are looking to get into Ethereum, then you'll have to have a crypto wallet set up on a credible exchange. Setting up a wallet and an account can be a little tricky for new entrants to understand. Because if you are not careful, you can lose your account forever, even if you have millions of dollars stored in it.

This means that you'll need to be very careful with the keys, authentication codes and other relevant details. All that can be overwhelming for those who wish to cash in on the huge potential profits of the crypto markets.

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